Why wasting money and time by reinventing the wheel?
We can brand and adapt our white label app to your need
while embedding our automatic web3 reward system.

An Easy Process

1. Selected the features from our catalog.
2. Specify your additional needs for dedicated features.
3. Provide designs for customization

You are all set!

We take care of the rest and within 3 months your app is ready to submit to the stores for release.

The Eco Reward ERW is automatically distributed throughout the eco-system by our blockchain reward engine.

Your Benefits

Focus on your domain of expertise about your eco-friendly solution.
We have measured and proven with our own whit-label that our reward approach is effective to push users practicing further eco-friendly gestures.

By building your application on our architecture, you enjoy the next generation of web3 application in no time and no efforts.

Used case : Newbin

Newbin is on a mission to raise plastic recycling rates through expanded access, education, incentivization, and improved collection.

The app is deployed in Erie, Pennsylvania Unites States of America.
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