We have launched the Eco Reward - ERW
The reference token for incentivizing individuals in practising
eco-responsible behaviors.

A crypto on Binance Smart Chain
Energy efficient blockchain

Binance Smart Chain uses proof of stake guaranteeing a very low energy consumption.

The Eco Reward ERW is automatically distributed throughout the eco-system by our blockchain reward engine.

We have listed the ERW in Centralised Exchanges (CEX) and Decentralised Exchange (DEX) to provide flexibility to investors and a larger choice to trade for the beneficiaries of the ecosystem.

48% of the token supply are allocated to the reward eco-system.

Your Benefits

Plug your solution on an eco-system that creates value. You can focus on your business while we take care of growing the Eco Reward. Rewarding your community will generate new revenues and increase your valuation.

Spendable everywhere, the ERW is paired
with the USDT and available for trade

The ERW already belongs to the exclusive club of the 5% token that have use case in the real life and traction with brands and businesses.

Out of over 23000 token listed on CoinMarket Cap the leading data agregator, the ERW is ranked top 20% with pure organic traction.

Support the eco-system and get returns by investing in ERW!
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