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Our blockchain reward engine automatically creates a wallet for your users and manges all transaction automatically

We created a new Impact-to-earn paradigm

Someone makes an eco responsible gesture and synchronises it through an app

It is flagged and tracked on the Smartblock Reward Engine (leveraging the BSC blockchain)

The user receives tokens in their in-app wallet and can use them the way they want (trade with other tokens, marketplace, etc.)

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What Our Exclusive
Blockchain Reward Platform
Can Do For You.

Tacking care of the token economics and onboarding your users seamlessly on Web3, you can enjoy having an App ready in no time.
Eco Reward Token
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A proven experience : ZeLoop

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Fast go to market
Your new app ready for release in 3 months. Focus on the design, we do the rest.
Because we don't start from scratch, you benefit from our developments
Enter the Web 3
Easy on-boarding of your users on the new technology without the need for knowledge
Mutualise the movement for a better world with other eco-friendly solutions
Here’s why many eco-friendly businesses like yours use Smartblock Reward Platform.